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Kindergarten through fourth grade students look forward to the day when they enter fifth grade and are able to participate in World Bazaar. World Bazaar is a cross curriculum, three month project culminating in a huge presentation in December.

A different country is chosen by each fifth and sixth grader and an extensive study is done about the country of their choice. However, this is merely no book report. Information such as population, religion, imports and exports, culture, ethnicity, government and even which sport is most popular in their country is reported. By the end of the study the students will present a power point, a replica of their country’s flag, examples of currency, a product model, a poster made in art class, a traditional culinary dish, and come dressed in clothing customary to their country. It is a sight to behold and we welcome all visitors to World Bazaar! 






Seventh and eighth grade students at Trinity are paired up with a kindergarten student for Chapel Buddies. Receiving your Chapel Buddy is a rite of passage for our junior high students. The “big kids” pick their buddies up from their classes and take them to morning devotions every morning. The buddies sit together during devotions and kindergarteners often aid their older buddy with different tasks, whether it be leading the school in music to managing the sound system. The older kids teach the younger by leading and lasting bonds are developed.


Preschool fathers and father figures are invited each year to attend Preschool Pop’s Night Out in the gym. Fathers and their preschooler share a picnic lunch, have their picture taken and make a craft together. The “pop’s” are also treated to a special program by the students.


The second grade classes work on several projects during the school year; a timeline of their lives, a family tree, and even sewing and dying a piece of clothing naturally (no dyes), but one of their biggest projects is Famous Persons. Each second grade student chooses an influential person throughout history who has made contributions to society. The students study that person, write a report and prepare a backboard with information about their chosen person which will then be presented at the Famous Persons Living Museum. Dressed as their chosen person, the students then participate in a question and answer forum with people visiting the museum.


Grandparent's Day is a celebration to show grandparents and grand friends just how special they are to us! Every year in February, we celebrate our grandparents with a special program, guided tours given by students and activities in the classrooms. Trinity students love to share the school with their grandparents.

" What a blessing it is to know that when I drop my son and daughter off at school every morning, they will be learning from educators who not only are passionate about children, but  who share their love of the Lord as well. I am indebted to those at TES who serve in cultivating my kids' hearts for Christ and am overwhelmed by the joy they bring out in them. Thank you Trinity Knights!"
Farrah Dunaway

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