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Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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What a joy and privilege to welcome you to Trinity Episcopal School's website! Trinity has two programs, a preschool and a kindergarten through eighth-grade school. Our school has been described by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools in its accreditation report as a school that exemplifies its mission: to educate a child in mind, body, and spirit in keeping with the love and teachings of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

I invite you to come and visit Trinity Episcopal School. Find out for yourself how we provide high academic standards, encourage a healthy lifestyle through fine arts, drama, music, and competitive sports, and create a Christian atmosphere that stimulates spiritual growth.

Our faculty and staff minister to our children, preschool age 3 through eighth grade daily. We look forward to your visit.

Carrie Hammack, Head of School


"Trinity has been such a blessing! I have peace of mind knowing that my daughter is safe and in the best environment. Her teacher is absolutely wonderful as is the whole staff. She has gained so much confidence and learned much more than I would expect a kindergartener to learn. The smaller classrooms and caring, dedicated staff make all the difference. Joining the Trinity family was the best decision for us!"


Holly Griffin - Parent


"We brought our three children to Trinity Episcopal School a little over a year ago.  Our son had started to struggle in school when he entered third grade.  It seemed as though he was starting to fade into the background in spite of our efforts to keep him engaged in school.  As soon as we made the switch to Trinity things changed for the better.  The small classes, caring teachers & family atmosphere were just what he needed to get back on track.  Trinity's teachers have the ability to take their time with students to give them the instruction they need.  The other added bonus that we love more than anything is that our kids are in an environment where they are encouraged to give worship to God & taught about the scriptures.  The word of God is being hidden in their hearts.  These are just a few things we love about TES."

Joe Buck and Shannon Crisp


"There are so many wonderful things to say about Trinity. We honestly cannot think of one negative thing to say. We love that our daughter is in an environment where there is mutual respect among the students as well as the staff. If we had to describe Trinity in two words it would be love and respect.  Being the parents of a daughter we appreciate that she attends a school where every boy from youngest to oldest is respectful to the female students. Every boy we have encountered readily holds the door for the female students or assists them if they need help. This may be a trivial matter to some but to us it speaks volumes not only about the school but about the parents raising these young men. We want to say thank you to those parents. We are grateful our daughter is part of a school family that has parents who are teaching their children love and respect and a school that reinforces those lessons taught at home."  
Kristen and Paul Fugler


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